The company's history covers a span of some twenty years, including its predecessors, in the field of manufacturing micro lenses. Moreover, we maintain a highly talented staff with some forty years worth of experience in design and developments, all of which contribute to providing quality products with outstanding performance. Thanks to our large inventory in glasses, plus our own tool shop gives us the capacity to fill orders flexibly and on short notice.

All our manufacturing resources are focused on micro-optics products, more specifically on spherical radius optics. Accordingly, our main profile is the manufacture of optical components for endoscopic equipment for medical, therapeutic and technical uses. These include front lenses, meniscus, acromats, masked optical components, individual lenses and cemented lenses, with a radius of 0.45 mm to the plane surface, and a diameter of 0.98 mm to 105 mm. If necessary we are able to provide broadband atireflection coating and black chromium mask for our lenses. Those lenses comprise a large portion of our capacity, wich only can made by hand and one at a time. The quality of our finished products is monitored continuously, including interferometric procedures as well. In 2003 we have introduced ISO 9001/2001 quality assurance system.